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A Few Details…

Hey Loves, Dr. Jennelle here!

As a PhD Psychologist who specializes in Relationship Advising, I always like to stress that I am not a coach, not a counselor, not a therapist or a teacher. I am  an advisor who helps you embrace all the challenges that come with a Big Change of Heart – changing your life for love and all the messy hard parts that come with that choice.

An advisor is someone who has knowledge through education and experience and provides directed guidance and support in a particular area of your life. I provide my professional advice to help you in the places your love life needs it most. I believe that direct guidance and support can really be the difference in whether or not the love in your life thrives…or dies. So, whether helping you through a difficult decision, helping you cope with the decision once it’s made, helping you decide if you made the right choice, helping you work through the hard parts, or helping you feel happy and full in the love you’ve chosen; I aim to offer you support, guidance, and advice so that you make love a priority every day.

That is why Big Change of Heart exists. Through the Big Change of Heart Podcast and the Big Change of Heart Community, our goal is to help you work through all the challenges that come from having a big change of heart in your life. Because truly I believe that Together We Are Better.

And if you ever want to talk about the challenges in your love life, please schedule a free consultation call with me here.

If you’re tuning into the Big Change of Heart Podcast, you might be wondering who my co-host is!

Becky and I go way back. We drifted apart over the years (a lot happens after high school), but when we reconnected, we realized we’d both made the big, bold, risky move to live for love. And we were both INSANELY happier as a result. And then, we realized…we weren’t the only ones (you really never are, right?). Wanting, chasing, and finding a love that makes you crazier than ever before, makes everyone question who you are and if you’ve gone off your rocker, or if you’re just in some weird phase…is exactly what makes all the other CRAP in life worth putting up with. When we realized just how important it was to foster, grow, and support this amazing kind of love – through the messy, complicated, hard parts – we knew we had to share our collective experiences and offer a fresh, new perspective on everything that comes with a big change of heart ❤︎