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Have you had a Big Change of Heart?

Are you a woman? Are you in, or wanting to be in, a same-sex relationship? Do you have children from a previous partner?

If you can say "yes" to any of these questions, than the Big Change of Heart Communityyour space.

When you have a Big Change of Heart,leaving a traditional life for a big, bold, beautiful nontraditional life, it can be challenging. And when you're smack in the middle of a major transition, like moving in together for the first time, moving to a new house, divorce, blending families, co-parenting, changing careers, financial shifts, etc. having a community of support, guidance, and advice can do wonders for your soul and survival.

And even if you have been with your partner for years and are happy and settled in your love, you should be here. Because much like the seasons in nature, the seasons of love are cyclical and eternal, as is the inevitability of change that comes with them. Plus, it never hurts to have a little perspective to help see the forest through the trees. Where you've been, where you are, and where you will be might just help someone else love bigger.

In the Big Change of Heart Community, members have an understanding, honest, and safe place for support, guidance, and advice as they navigate their crazy, beautiful lives.

The Big Change of Heart Community is a private group, so members need not fear judgement from outsiders about the choices they have made or are making. We've all made the choice to put love over everything and live out loud, so you're not alone!

If you want a big, bold, beautiful life and you understand that real love takes work, come join us and a growing community of heart-centered nontraditionalists! #LoveOVerEverything

I am Dr. Jennelle, a PhD Psychologist and Relationship Advisor who is also raising a blended family as a same-sex parent (bonus-mom right here, no bio kids!). So I know firsthand all the crazy, beautiful challenges that come with Big Change of Heart. When I first started myBig Change of Heartjourney, I continually felt alone and isolated - no one understood what we were going through. That's why I created theBig Change of Heart Community, a space for women like us to connect and help each other through in an honest and authentic way. This community is truly my favorite space and if you are smack in the middle of your Big Change of Heart, I think it will be yours too. I hope to see you in the community soon!
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